American author Erin Lynne writes not only for her online blog where she covers art exhibitions in the PACA region (France), but for several online magazines under the author name Erin Tallman and is the online managing editor of ArchiExpo E-mag. She was invited to speak about her recently published novel, Imperfections, at Les Journees des Ecrivains du Sud on 17 May 2014 in Aix-en-Provence. The book is soon to be released in French.

To celebrate its publication, she held an art exhibition with about 20 of her paintings. The event was private invitation only and welcomed 75 individuals from her entourage. You might also consider reading the review by the US Review of Books.

She’s branching out into freelance journalism to further her experience. This blog is designated to any published works pertaining to journalism, be it freelance or not.

If you’re looking to contact Erin Tallman for a journalistic opportunity, please contact her here: erintallman@outlook.com

She’s also created an association based in Marseille: The Kinder World. They sponsor language trips for underprivileged students.


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